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Buy Alaska I take a great deal of pride in our work. That means that we only use the best products, applied correctly, to properly prepared surfaces. My years of experience ensure your completed project will look great and last for years. Licensed, bonded and insured for your protection. Free estimates for all projects and your satisfaction always guaranteed.

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Interior Painting
  • We will assist you in selecting the appropriate type of interior finish for your choice of color, the surface and application.
  • We use tools and techniques to ensure that product is only applied to the surface desired. We use masking, tape, drops, and professional brush and roller techniques.
  • We apply professional products to all types of surfaces, including natural wood.
  • We will strip old finishes or apply primer coats as necessary.
  • We patch, sand or otherwise prepare surfaces to ensure the best finished product.
  • We work quickly and efficiently to minimize the impact on occupants or to allow other contractors to follow us to accomplish their tasks (eg Lighting, Flooring, etc..).
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Exterior Painting

  • The key to a long lasting exterior finish in Alaska's harsh environment is surface preparation. It must be clean, dry and free of any chipping, bubbles or peeling. All surfaces are power washed prior to applying paint or stain.
  • With the limited number of "good" exterior painting days, it's important to work quickly while maintaining a high standard for quality. We avoid overbooking and once we begin we will stay on the job until completed before moving on to another project.
  • We will recommend the best type of finish for your project to ensure your complete satisfaction with the end results for years to come.
  • You may not need to paint the whole exterior. Sometimes it's just the trim that needs to be re-finished due to paint peeling or weather damage. Simply changing the color of your trim can give your home a new fresh look.
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Wood Deck Restoration

  • Decks require special care and attention. Weather, good or bad, takes its toll on decks. Exposure to rain, snow, ice and the sun not only dull the appearance, but can damage it to the point of needing replacement.
  • Our deck restoration and protection service will return your deck to like new condition. We power wash, strip, stain and seal it from the weather with specialty products.
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Wood Fence Restoration

  • Wood fences are beautiful and functional. However, they require maintenance to retain their beauty, functionality and value.
  • As is the case with all of our services, preparing the surface is the key to satisfactory results. If the wood has already begun rotting, then we'll suggest replacement rather than refinishing.
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Power Washing

  • Maintenance-Free Siding such as vinyl, aluminum or steel look better when the inevitable dust and grime buildup is washed away.
  • Power washing asphalt and concrete driveways, walkways and steps will also improve the general appearance of any property.
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Window Cleaning

  • We reach all of those high and hard to reach windows
  • We use an exclusive 5 Step process to clean windows inside and out.
  1. Apply our unique cleaning solution to window.
  2. Scrub window to remove all debris, sap, bird droppings, etc.
  3. Re-apply solution.
  4. Dry window using squeegee and rags.
  5. Buff window for a crystal clear, streak free finish.
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